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how to respond to his public. A master balloon twister is professional in appearance and actions. Magic Fingers is a master balloon twister capable of making 1000 different creations out of the long skinny balloons that have changed names many times in the last 38 years he has been in business. mA aster balloon twister is not someone who just picked up a book or video just last week and practiced really hard. A master balloon twister is someone who has been working with the public for many years with the balloons and in many different situations. He is Professional in appearance and is an Affordable entertainer.



Magic Fingers is also a speed twister capable of making 100 simple balloons per hour or 30 large 3 balloon or more creations per hour. Most twisters will only guarantee 15-20 SIMPLE BALLOONS per hour.

He is not the normal party clown you would get from an agency. Those tend to be undertrained and beginners. A speed twister is not someone who just hap hazzardly races through and gives a sloppy product. No. A speed twister is a master balloon twister first and has been making balloons for so long and in so many situations that he can put out a product quickly and keep the line moving. Yes, even speed twisters have lines but people don't mind waiting in his line because they see he is respecting their time.



Remember that last balloon twister that pulled out a balloon and called it a snake! That joke was 30 years old when Magic Fingers got started in balloons 38 years ago., Magic Fingers' balloons resemble what they are supposed to look like! People will ask him at times..... What does the Snoopy look like? He responds SNOOPY!

His trademark style of working for the last 38 years has been to wow his crowd with stories and jokes while he works. He has a charm about him that children and adults love. However, his jokes and stories are while he is working. He does not use them to fill time and keep from making balloons like other entertainers will try to do. HE IS A BALLOON TWISTER!



Imagine seeing your co-worker or birthday child running around with a Batman hat on saving the world. Or wearing a Tigger the Tiger on a bicycle. Or my trademarked "Kiss Me Baby Hat"


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